We have many types and sizes of pumps in stock and available for immediate shipment including boiler feed pumps up to 500 HP.

Carver offers the following single stage, horizontal general service pumps: GH – single stage, end suction, top discharge in cast iron or 316 SS, ETA – end suction cast iron pump for larger flows up to 10,000 GPM.

For vertical pump needs Carver offers the GVC and GVT for short, economical tank mounted pumps which are ideal for OEM applications.  For sump applications up to 20′ in length, Carver offers the GVS.  The GV series of pumps are available in cast iron or 316 SS.

Carver’s offering for heavy duty process applications are the RS multistage and Maxum single stage API pump.  The RS is a ring section pump that covers to 1,000 gpm and 2,800 ft TDH and is used in many applications including boiler feed water, high pressure washdown, RO, and snowmaking.  It is available in ductile iron or CD4MCu duplex stainless steel.  The Maxum is a heavy duty API pump found in  The Maxum Series is an end suction pump designed for the needs of the ANSI and API pump markets.  Available as either foot or centerline mounted, it provides flows to 10,000 GPM and heads to 450 ft with steel, 316 SS, CD4MCu, Alloy 20, Hastelloy B or C, Monel, and titanium material options.