CAT Pumps

CAT Pumps is a leading manufacturer of highly efficient, positive displacement pumps that are suitable for applications that require high pressures.  The four types of CAT pumps available are piston, plunger, SF, and R-Series.  Piston pumps feature Uniflow design.  Plunger pumps evolved from the need for higher pressures with less flow.  These pumps feature CAT Pumps’ Triplex design, which decreases pulsations created by the pump, resulting in a smoother flow.  The SF line features the Uniflow design along with the standard Triplex design.  CAT Pumps designs and builds power units that can be customized to meet the needs of most high pressure applications.  RAM Pumps is a heavier duty line of pumps available from CAT Pumps that is capable of higher flows and pressures.  CAT Pumps also has a line of stainless steel submersible and end-suction centrifugal pumps.