Innomag manufactures sealless, non-metallic, magnetically driven pumps.  Recognized a leader in the industry, Innomag supplies pumps with unique features providing long life and quality performance.

Innomag’s flagship pump, the TB-mag, is offered in twenty sizes.  This pump is lined with Tefzel fluoroplastic that can withstand nearly all aggressive process fluids.  This pump features a thrust balanced design (illustrated below) that eliminates axial thrust bearings and provides long intervals between maintenance.  The impeller is a single piece design for the strongest possible connection between the magnets, bearings and impeller.  The internal magnets are welded in a hermetically sealed assemble to prevent any issues over time with fluid permeation. This pump is the ideal choice for any application where no leakage and a high safety margin are required.

Innomag also offers the U-mag, a smaller map-drive pump featuring the same Tefzel lining of it’s bigger brother.  While not a thrust balanced design, this pump features silicon carbide thrust bearings for the longest possible life.

Innomag can also provide other offerings to meet your pumping application needs, such as Tefzel-lined priming tanks, vertical in-line and engine driven pumps, power monitors, and even steam heat jackets.