MTH Pumps manufactures Regenerative Turbine Pumps that are ideal for low to moderate flow applications that have moderate to high heads where an inexpensive pump is desired.  MTH pumps have high efficiency and low NPSH requirements.  The MTH T31, T41, and T51 Series regenerative turbine pumps are capable of up to 40 GPM and 700 feet of head.  The T31, T41, and T51 Series pumps are available as a close coupled unit, a pedestal base mounted unit, a vertical base mounted unit, and a vertical flange mounted unit.  MTH’s Turboflex radially split regenerative turbine pumps can handle flows to 140 GPM and 1150 feet of head.  The Turboflex series is available as a base mounted pump.  Standard materials of construction are cast iron bronze fitted, but are available in all iron, all bronze, and 316 stainless steel construction.