Rotan is a manufacturer of internal gear pumps that are widely used in industries. Rotan offers these pumps in various materials of construction to handle everything from simple applications to highly corrosive or erosive applications. Here’s a brief overview of the models offered.

The Rotan GP is suitable for use in applications involving various clean and mildly abrasive oils, and can handle flows up to 225 GPM and differential pressures up to 250 PSI with a viscosity up to 7,500 cSt. The Rotan HD can handle viscous, non-corrosive liquids at flows up to 750 GPM with a viscosity range up to 250,000 cSt. The Rotan PD is designed for use in refinery and petrochemical applications. The Rotan CD is a chemical duty pump constructed of stainless steel. The Rotan MD is a magnetically driven for use in applications where no leakages can be risked, and has a capacity range to 400 GPM with a viscosity range to 10,000 cSt.