Sundyne produces a unique centrifugal pump line that features pumps that deliver high head or pressures with single-stage configurations.  The pumps were developed in the aerospace industry to increase jet engine thrust on take-off and were refined to fit industrial applications where high pressures are required and the multi-stage pumps of the past were too big and expensive.  Sundyne offers both direct-drive and gear driven pumps with open impellers and inducers that produce pumps that are engineered to match the BEP of the pump to the exact design point of your process.  The pumps are used in both API-610 and general industrial applications such as: boiler feed, condensate return, washdown, reverse osmosis, reactor feed, charging transfer, fuel feed, cryogenic process, high pressure well injection, etc.  Sundyne also uses the same technology to provide process compressors and blowers that are used in today’s highly engineered environment where reliability and efficiency are required. The modular design of both pumps and compressors allows you to re-design your equipment to meet changing processes and allows ease of maintenance with gearbox, impeller, inducer and seal exchanges.

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Superior Industrial Equipment also supports your Sundyne products with its Factory Authorized Service Center and extensive OEM parts inventory.