Travaini is an international supplier of both vacuum and centrifugal pumps as well as process compressors that offers a wide variety of solutions to process applications.   Travaini is probably best known for its liquid-ring vacuum pumps that are ideal for vacuum applications that contain vapors and particulates that would clog or foul a rotary vane pump.  The pumps are available in a wide range of sizes (small close-coupled to the largest separate-coupled) and metallurgies (cast iron-bronze to all 316SS).  Especially popular are the Dynaseal pumps that have a self-contained lube system that eliminates the need for external water and are quite popular in “dry” applications such as: wood and stone routing.   Travaini also has a complete line of rotary-vane pumps that offer very good vacuum capacities at competitive price levels as well.  The TCD line of centrifugal pumps has outstanding high temperature limits for hot oil applications that use innovative heat dissipation techniques in place of complex seal and bearing cooling plans.   Travaini also offers specialty gas compressors and a full complement of accessories for all of their products.