About Superior


History of Superior Industrial Equipment

Superior Industrial Equipment was started in April of 1997 by former employees of Ingersoll-Dresser Pump. It is always challenging to start a business, however we have been fortunate to have quality products and excellent employees with solid technical backgrounds. We identified three areas that we felt were most critical to the long term success of our business. We wanted to make sure the equipment we sold was properly applied; we felt it was important to provide good service to our customers; and lastly we have a passion for servicing the equipment we sell.

In trying to live up to these expectations, we have been blessed with finding qualified and dedicated employees that care about the needs of our customers. For our first eleven years in business we worked in a 2500 square foot facility where we kept acquiring more space until we were up to 7500 square feet. In 2008 we moved into a 15,000 square foot facility. In 2012 we purchased an additional 8000 square foot facility in Des Moines. This has added a great deal to our capabilities. We now have sufficient office space for all the office personnel. We have added inventory and can more efficiently store it, and we installed a ten ton crane as well as other shop equipment that improves our efficiency and makes for a safer work environment.

What sets us apart

We are connected by Our Common Values. Having been involved in business for many years and being somewhat disappointed in mission statements in general we found the Common Values statement most perfectly matched our business philosophy. These can be viewed at the Common Values section of our website.

We would like to thank both our customers and suppliers for doing business with us and we will continue to strive to live up to your expectations.

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